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I did it!! Please read

Momma your baby finished strong working full time, and school full time!!!! 😥 😊

Transparent moment: High school and college were not my favorite and it wasn’t easy for me. Although people always assumed that I was a little nerd, But in all actuality I struggled. I struggled with my identity, being bullied, and childhood trauma! All these things effected my thinking and learning, so my grades really suffered. In the last ten years I have become comfortable with Christopher L Peay. I’ve fought to keep my sanity. Ive fought hard to live and not die! I’ve fought hard to build a legacy beyond what some of you may know! I am posting this to speak to anyone that struggles with those things. Here’s what you do; Put GOD FIRST, surround yourself with like minded people, those that want to be great, and push you to be great, stay focused, and find a career you love and want to be happy doing, also block out the haters. You can and will make it!!!!!! I DID, I AM, AND I WILL CONTINUE!

PS. Some people have been asking me how they can be a blessing. $sostylistichair is my Cash App handle!

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Tonya Childs
Tonya Childs

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