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Hi So Stylistic Fam,

I pray that this message finds you all safe and in good health. Just a few updates regarding the reopening of the salon: The NC Cosmetic Arts Board anticipates salons will be part of the reopening phase 2. Our tentative date for reopen is May 22, 2020 if NC continues on the right track in flattening the curve. The Board will also be releasing new protocols on how we will service our clientele moving forward. These new protocols will be based on guidance received from the DHS and NC Coronavirus Task Force. We will also be posting the new rules and regulations on the salon website once they are available. I miss each of you so much and can’t wait until we are finally reunited!

Remember: If you’re in need of hair care while in quarantine, I still have some in stock. Please be sure to visit for current discounts and promos!

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JustdoingMe Gray
JustdoingMe Gray
May 26, 2020

Happy Birthday


Tonya Childs
Tonya Childs
May 01, 2020

Yeah I'm so happy for you! I know you can't wait! Send me a shout out today is my birthday wishing you the best

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